About Quandir Solutions

Quandir Solutions is Don Carlile. Don has been helping people with their Macintosh computers since 1984. Don has been developing software for the Macintosh since 1984 as well.

Don is an Apple Certified System Administrator, which means, in Apple's words, he has "an in-depth knowledge of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server architecture and an ability to install and configure machines; design and configure networks; enable, customize, tune, and troubleshoot a wide range of services; and integrate Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server within a heterogeneous and legacy networked environment."

Don is also a Daylite Certified Partner.Daylite Certified Partner

Don acquired practical experience in this technology at a major aerospace company. While there, Don did user support, installed and administered one of the company's first LAN-based email systems, developed many Hypercard and AppleScript tools, created static and dynamic web pages (the latter using FileMaker, Perl and WebObjects), and administered web and file servers using Mac OS X Server in a heterogeneous environment.

Don configured the web server to authenticate PKI (or x509) client certificates for static web pages, WebObjects apps, Perl CGIs and PHP. Don also configured the file server so that his Windows clients could authenticate using Active Directory.

Don has developed using many of the programming environments available on the Mac. He has used MacApp (in both Object Pascal and C++) in MPW, PowerPlant (C++) in CodeWarrior and Cocoa (Objective C) in XCode, in addition to WebObjects (Java) and the scripting languages.

For more information about Don, see his blog, Cybernetic Salad.